If you’ve just gotten accepted to your dream college and you are planning to go to college next year, there are a few items that you must take with you to college if you don’t want to be a lost puppy in a fast paced world.

Even if you’re not going to Stanford or Yale, college life can be very fast paced, demanding and competitive so these few items that we have mentioned below will definitely help you stay organized and have good luck throughout the school year.

Keep your keys safe

Unless keeping a mobile locksmith is a part of your plan for the school year, we suggest you invest in a keychain and it wouldn’t even cost you a lot to buy this simple item and it will help you keep your keys organized and neat throughout the year. Link here https://swiftlocksmiths.com.au/services/ provide an efficient service that will give a the best results.

Once you’ve invested in a keychain to carry your dorm keys and all types of other keys,you can bid goodbye to your days of calling a good mobile locksmith or sleeping over at a friend’s place you got locked out of your apartment.

Storage Items

Even if you’re not planning on moving to an on campus dorm and you’ve got an apartment to yourself with a generous amount of living space, it is always best to buy some storage bins and storage furniture because it is likely that you will accumulate a lot of items throughout your time at college and you will eventually run out of space in your living space if you do not organize your storage efficiently. Nowadays there are so many new inventions such as under the bed storage and other varieties of storage items that you can utilize to best store your items.

Shower essentials

If you are somebody who can afford to live on your own in college, this tip might not be of use to you but if you’re somebody planning to live in the dorms and having to share bathrooms with other girls from your floor, you definitely should look into buying some shower essentials such as bath robes, bathroom slippers and other items that will help you stay sanitary even if you will sharing the bathroom with other girls.

Sewing Kit

Many college students always forget this essential item but having an emergency sewing kit in your room will definitely save you a lot of trouble. Got a tear in your top? No problem! You can just use your sewing kit to patch that up and be on your way to your class without much of a hassle.